Wrist and Hand Stretches

wristandhand1_1 wristandhand1_2 wristandhand1_3 wristandhand1_4

Wrist and Hand 1

  1. Bend one wrist into flexion, use the other hand
  2. Hold position at end range of motion for count of 12
  3. Repeat step 1 with extension
  4. Separate fingers as far as possible
  5. Close fingers to each other, squeeze
  6. Repeat three times


Wrist and Hand 2

  1. Use right hand to pull fingers for traction
  2. Use one finger at a time
  3. Hold position for count of 12
  4. Do each finger
  5. Switch hands
  6. Repeat three times


Wrist and Hand 3

  1. Use left hand and right
  2. Pull on right fingers with a smooth steady traction motion
  3. Hold position for count of 12
  4. Switch hands
  5. Repeat three times